Hakkei Hills

Yokohama, Japan

Design Partners Incorporated served as the one of the Prime A-E’s, lead Master Planner and Architect for developing an illustrative plan for 385 multi-family housing units and support facilities at Hakkei Hills, a new military housing area to support Yokosuka Naval Station in Yokohama, Japan. The development is part of a planned project to construct 700 housing units and support facilities in various areas around Yokosuka Naval Station. This program was created in 1999 by the Navy as part of a bilateral agreement between the Government of Japan (GoJ) and the U.S. Government.

The program requires 385 multi-family townhouses, including 355 three-bedroom units and 30 four-bedroom units to be developed on 18.5 hectares  (45.7 acres) of a 40 hectare (98.8 acre) site. Other program elements for the new housing area include: on grade parking, parks, tot lots, vertical parking structures, a community center, recreation center, kindergarten/grade school, fire station and various other support facilities.


Master Planning


45.7 acres


Completed 2014

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