Daniel K. Inouye Elementary School

Schofield Baracks, Oahu, Hawaii

The elementary school, which was renamed Daniel K. Inouye Elementary School after the conclusion of the project after the famed US Senator is part the $500 million Defense Department grant, to upgrade public schools onmilitary installations nation wide.  Previous to this upgrade, the school had ranked ninth worst among the 160 schools in the nation for the Department of Defense.  The new building for this project will consist of an Administrative Center, Library/Student Services Center Building, Ten (10) Classroom Building and Covered Playcourt. The project will also include an additional walkways, New Covered Dining Pavilion, Special Ed/FSC Addition to Building “I”, and Custodial Addition to Existing Cafeteria Building.

The Ten Classroom building is based on the 21st Century School Concept, punctuated by creating flexibly configured learning neighborhoods between the main circulation artery and its flanking classrooms. The naturally ventilated building supports a self-contained Special Education classroom, Computer Lab and Faculty Center. The wide hall has an open volume ceiling with clerestory windows to emphasize the openness and flexibility of the spaces as well as the meandering nature of natural ventilation and air movement. The halls are capable of reconfiguration with operable panel walls lending to larger learning hubs. The infusion of vibrant color schemes will help to keep young minds inspired, while a subtle, traditional hues bridge a connection to the school history. All of the buildings are innovatively designed to offer safe, functional and visually stimulating physical environments that will promote an enjoyable learning experience. 


Education - Primary


State of Hawaii, Department of Education


Completed 2013

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