MAG-12/CVW-5 Headquarter Building

MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

This project is part of the Defense Policy Review Initiative (DPRI) program and provides a new Headquarters Facility to support Marine Aircraft Group 12 (MAG-12) and Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW-5) at MCAS Iwakuni, Japan. MAG-12 and CVW-5 requires a dedicated Headquarters Facility at MCAS Iwakuni of sufficient capacity to perform their mission. MAG-12 and CVW-5 missions includes support of Fleet Marine Forces and support of Navy aircraft carrier air wing operations respectively.  Primary facilities consists of a new a 5,103 SM, 2–story reinforced concrete Headquarters BuildingThe building's functional areas include but are not limited to: MAG-12 command suite, S-1 department, fiscal, S-2 department, S-3 department, S-4 department, safety department, S-6 department, medical suite, CVW-5 command suite, N-1 department, N-2 department, N-3 department, N-4 department, N-6 department, detachment office, duty area, briefing / conference rooms, planning room, bulk storage, communication/utility rooms, and mess/toilet/shower/locker facilities. The facility includes but is not limited to the following Special Purpose functional areas: OPS planning and associated rooms, Secure Briefing Auditorium (RSO&I), Secure B (SCIF), EKMS Vaults, CMCC office, secured conference rooms, training room, computer lab, secure computer work areas, filter room, equipment storage, detachment storage and duty room.

Special features include Very Important Person (VIP) covered drop off, secure vault doors, secure spaces with approved hardware including electronic card-key/cipher locks, secure voice network, dedicated circuits for secure areas, encryption capabilities, special grounding/lightning and transient voltage protection, Emergency Generator building, above ground fuel tank for emergency generator, emergency lighting, individuals thermostatic temperature control, noise reduction measures, and roof deck with antenna foundations for communication antennas


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