Operations Complex: Air Terminal, Cargo Terminal & Air Operations Command

MCHB, Kaneohe, Hawaii

The complex is located within the Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe which is part of the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, consisting of new taxiway, aircraft parking apron and ramp improvements, a new passenger terminal / command operations facility / cargo terminal, new aircraft fire and rescue station and supporting construction.

The Operations Complex is a two-story reinforced concrete and masonry structure with a combination of low-slope and stainless steel sloped panel roof. The passenger terminal includes a main lobby, departure and arrival lounges, a VIP lounge, a WWII themed restaurant, an interpretive center with interactive A/V exhibits and baggage handling facilities. The cargo terminal includes intake, processing, storage and loading of palletized air cargo. The second floor consists of the Air Operations Command facilities as well as flight and weather offices. A secure operations wing accommodates transient operations requirements. Supporting construction includes vehicle parking, pedestrian and vehicle canopies, a central chiller plant and emergency generator The aircraft fire and rescue station includes five apparatus bays, administrative offices, training, exercise and residential areas plus a dispatch tower.


Government - Operations Facility


Completed 2015

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