Pearl Harbor Fitness Center

JBPHH, Oahu, Hawaii

The project constructed a two-story, 83,460 SM Physical Readiness Center and supporting construction. The new two-story reinforced concrete and structural steel building provides spaces for: Basketball/Volleyball Gym, Racquetball, Unit PT/Group Exercise, Structured Activities, Lobby, Control Counter/Gear Issue, Administrative Spaces, Classroom, Toilet/Locker Shower Locker Facilities, Laundry, Storage and Mechanical/Electrical/Telecom Equipment Rooms. Also included is a Fitness Room consisting of a cardiovascular training area, warm-up/cooldown area, and a free-weight/weight-machine area.

This facility features cutting edge technology and is considered by the Navy and MWR as one of the best fitness centers in the world for any U.S. Military Installation. The new facility serves as the main gymnasium and fitness center for the Pearl Harbor side of the joint base and serve as many as 18,000 monthly patrons from more than 200 commands in the area.

The project incorporates historic fuel farm berms into the overall campus plan. The environmentally-sustainable, facility was built with numerous recycled construction materials, photovoltaic arrays, and drought-tolerant landscaping, and has been certified LEED Platinum by the USGBC.


Government - Fitness Center


Completed 2012

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