Romano's Macaroni Grill

Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan

The Romano’s Macaroni Bar and Grill restaurant at Camp Foster, Okinawa was designed to incorporate the special layout, exterior and interior theme of the Romano’s Macaroni Bar and Grill franchise. The new facility is owned by MCCS and operated by a third party franchise operator.  The new restaurant building will replaces the existing buffet style restaurant constructed in 1953. The restaurant building was designed with the following major components:  Main Entry and Lobby, General Dining Area, Bar and Lounge, Private Function Rooms, Game Room, Kitchen/Prep/Storage and support areas. The facility’s Main Dining Area is designed to be open continuously from early morning until late evening to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. A Private Function Area for banquets and special events are part of the facility.  A Game Room, with a gaming theme, was designed with a special design language independent from the rest of the facility and operates independent from the restaurant functions. The Game Room shares the Main Entry into the facility but is otherwise separated from the Restaurant and Private Function Areas.


Commercial - Restaurant

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