Tango Cafe

Honolulu, Hawaii

Located on the ground floor of the luxury condominium Hokua Tower, this 45-seat, 1,510 square foot intimate boutique restaurant seamlessly blends elements of Scandinavian and Asian design to match the menu. Owner-Chef Goran Streng’s image of the restaurant included bold Marimekko fabric panels for wall accents and the light woods of his native Finland. White birch tree trunks set in river stones set the feeling of al fresco dining, with textured wall panels complimenting the bold pattern and color of the well-known Finnish designed fabric panels. Luminescent Danish globe lights create a soothing moon-like glow above the birch trees, while linen-embedded acrylic panels on the windows and partitions, reminiscent of shoji screens, provide warm backlighting. An open dining counter allows guests to view Chef Streng and his staff preparing dishes and makes diners feel a part of the process.


Commercial - Restaurant


Completed 2008

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